The Menu

Chef Gregory Hyne (also the proprietor) has dedicated the last year to developing a new style of pizza using the finest ingredients and seasonal produce where possible. We provide table service throughout for food and drinks, in addition to a takeaway service. Taking inspiration from Pizza al Taglio from Rome the menu is simple and concentrates mostly on pizzas as our kitchen is quite small and pizzas are the core of what we do.

Pizza al Taglio is normally served cold and reheated due to the difficulty in creating a perfectly fermented high hydration (light and airy) to order. These pizzas are also typically cooked in trays due to the difficulty in handling such a wet dough. Romanesca’s pizzas are freshly made to order and are stone baked, resulting in a crispy, light, airy and digestible crust that is quite different from the excellent Neapolitan style pizzas that are currently all the rage in the UK.