Welcome from Romanesca

Welcome from Romanesca

Hi and thanks for visiting.

My name is Greg Hyne and I am the proprietor of Romanesca. I’ll be using this part of the website to share recipes, techniques, ingredients and useful information about pizzas, baking with light airy and crispy pizzas with fully fermented high hydration wet doughs.

Thanks to everyone that has visited us in our first 10 days of trading and for your kind words of encouragement and praise. This is the first time that I have run a restaurant (or indeed any business in the catering industry) and my first customers have made all the hard work, doubt and delays in getting up and running all worth it. I am honestly very grateful for your patronage, friendliness and for the welcome that I have had on the Gloucester Rd.  I promise to do my absolute best to provide you with the quality of food, service and atmosphere that you deserve.  If I ever fail you, please rest assured that I will take your feedback with grace and that I will do my best to make sure that you are treated with fairness and decency.  I also hope you’ll love the pizzas that are already good and are improving by the day.

It has been a dream of mine to combine my love of sourdough baking, pizza making and entertaining and I feel like I am in the early stages of making this dream come true.  Even if you don’t feel like eating, please do pop in and say hi.  I’d love to meet you and I’m genuinely excited to become an ongoing part of this vibrant, independent community that is Gloucester Road.

We use local ingredients wherever possible and will be opening as a coffee shop in mid January from 10:00am to 17:00 in addition to our evening service as an artisan pizzeria. Our coffee is a single estate Organic Fairtrade Coffee from Honduras and I plan on serving our coffee with a small selection of traditional English Steamed puddings (think www.puddingclub.co,uk) and open topped sandwiches.




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    I loved my Sicilianish pizza and will be back for more, with friends and family and a big appetite. The pizzas really are getting better every time. Keep up with great work Greg!

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